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Our Background

BUMP, launched in 2014, was a salon catering solely to Japanese expats, looking for the same level of quality and service that they are used to receiving back home. But they soon realized that Singaporeans appreciated their services as much as their Japanese counterparts did. This demand, prompted BUMP to launch the same superior quality and service with attention to detail, but, at an affordable price.


Our Mission

At BUMP, every hair cut is based on the client’s unique hair type, face structure and lifestyle. Services and treatments are not suggested based on price, trends and commission, but on what the client actually needs. The philosophy of the salon is to nurture long term trust and build a relationship between the stylist, salon and client.


Every stylist in Japan has to undergo two years of training at the hair school, where they train from 9am -6pm daily, and graduate with a certificate to cut hair. After graduation, the junior stylist spends the next two years working on their shampooing skills and assisting the senior stylist. It's only after the second year, that the junior stylist is then allowed to perform very basic hair cuts until he/she has mastered the required skills. This means, that on average, each Japanese stylist at BUMP has at least 10-15 years of experience under their belt.


Our Vision

“All the skills that we have learned and applied over the years is so we can take care of our clients. Most salons provide client’s with a cut/style that looks wonderful in the salon, but completely collapses when they get home and wash their hair the next day. My team and I focus on creating a cut/style that is easy to maintain and looks as good at home as it did in the salon, even a week or a month later.” - Seiji San


At BUMP our aim is to give every client, superior Japanese quality and attention to detail at a reasonable cost.

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